What is Oasis?

At Oasis Labs, we believe in empowering individual developers, startups, and enterprises to take advantage of the rapidly evolving technologies around blockchain and build applications that are both secure and decentralized. 

We designed the Oasis platform to provide not only integrity, as other blockchain platforms do, but also confidentiality and privacy at the compute, storage, and application layer of our platform. This enables privacy-preserving and computationally complex applications on blockchain, and for individual developers and companies alike to build applications that protect user data by design—fostering the creation of new applications that couldn’t otherwise be built.

Blockchain as a cloud computing platform

Similar to functions in serverless cloud computing, a smart contract on a blockchain network is akin to a group of functions, with state persisted on a distributed immutable ledger. A smart contract run on the Oasis network—as opposed to other blockchain platforms—provides confidentiality and privacy at every layer of the stack.

Key features of the platform include:

Integrity and security:  Using a decentralized consensus-based architecture, with a heterogenous mixture of compute nodes including those with trusted execution environments (TEEs), Oasis mitigates the risk of malicious hacking, tampering, and other forms of compromise. This design helps ensure that cloud services only take approved, correct actions—protecting deployments and critical systems from attacks and identifying internal errors.

Privacy: Oasis offers full-stack privacy, providing confidentiality and privacy at every layer of the protocol—from the application, to the network, down to each node. This allows for trustless privacy, where data is protected automatically with strong security guarantees and decrypted inside of a trusted execution environment.

Scalability: Oasis is built on an entirely new blockchain architecture that separates computation from consensus. This new design makes Oasis platform both faster and more robust—capable of supporting computationally complex applications unseen in the other blockchain systems of today.

Tools to make your life easy: Oasis provides a number of tools and SDKs to rapidly build privacy-preserving applications. From weekend warriors, to startups, to Fortune 500 companies—we aim to enable anyone to build applications on our platform.

Read our non-technical primer to learn more about our vision and our platform.

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