Q3 2019 Devnet Upgrade (TBD)

Note: We expect to issue one major upgrade of the Oasis Devnet per quarter. In addition to new features and experiences, in the rare occasion some of these upgrades may require us to reset the Devnet's state. We will be sure to provide you with ample time and instructions to ensure minimal impact on your work on the Devnet.

  1. WASI Runtime The new WASI runtime provides a low-level interface that can leverage new features of WASM as they are developed and allows developers to easily build on their local machine.
    Note: When the WASI-runtime goes live, we’ll continue to support the existing devnet so folks have enough time to migrate their smart contracts. To prevent any disruption in service,
    we strongly encourage all of our current users to migrate their contracts to the new devnet using this migration guide by the end of the month. If you have questions please contact us at [email protected].
  2. Rust Development Framework: Our new Rust development library, abstracts away many of the nuances of blockchain — making development on the Oasis network look and feel like a traditional platform.
  3. The Oasis Developer Gateway: The developer gateway allows you to manage wallets and pay transaction fees on behalf of your users, so they don’t have to hassle with creating a wallet to use your app.
  4. The Oasis Client: The Oasis JavaScript client provides web apps with encrypted access to Mantle services and the WASI runtime. When paired with the developer gateway, the Oasis client allows transactions to be made with wallets hosted by Oasis, so end users can skip buying tokens or connecting their wallet.
  5. The Oasis CLI: The Oasis CLI lets you easily download dependencies and build on your local machine.
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