Server Side Libraries

Oasis-std [Github]

We have a brand new Oasis SDK for service development in Rust that hides many of the blockchain specific patterns tied to writing smart contracts to make it easier to write services in Rust.

Oasis-Gateway APIs [Github]

 The new developer gateway, Oasis-gateway, supports the new client and exposes an API that can be used by developers to create a public API to consume their deployed services. Oasis-gateway supports managing auto-funding transactions for end-users on behalf of the developer. 

Client Side Libraries

Oasis-Client [Github, docs]

We have a new client, Oasis-client, for deploying and interacting with Rust services. The new client works with the new developer gateway and is a replacement for web3c, our client to support confidential transactions prior to this release. The new client is easier to use because it is a simpler RPC API than web3c and integrates with Deoxys II, a constant-time cryptographic primitive for authenticated encryption which provides stronger security properties than those provided with web3c.

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