Oasis Overview

What is Oasis?

At Oasis Labs, we believe in empowering users and developers like you to protect and control their data in order to responsibly enable data-driven applications of the future. We believe only a platform that is both decentralized and privacy-preserving can truly deliver on this promise. This change would create trustless privacy by protecting privacy through technology rather than business decisions. It will enable a state of self-sovereign data ownership that allows users to fully dictate how their data is used.

To help realize this vision we are building a first-of-its-kind privacy-preserving cloud computing platform on blockchain. Our platform enables privacy-preserving and computationally complex applications, allowing developers like you to build applications that protect user data by design, and foster the creation of new applications that couldn’t otherwise be built.

Blockchain as a cloud computing platform Similar to a serverless cloud computing platform, a smart contract run on a blockchain network is akin to a group of functions, with state. The added value of using Oasis to run these functions is that we can not only provide basic state, but also provide greater guarantees with integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Key features of the platform include:

Increased reliability and security: Using a decentralized consensus-based architecture, Oasis is able to better mitigate the risk of malicious hacking, tampering, or other form of compromise. We do this by ensuring that nodes across a distributed network to reach consensus on the results of the function.

Privacy and confidentiality: Oasis is the first blockchain platform to offer full-stack privacy, providing privacy-preservation at every layer of the protocol—from the application layer to the hardware. When complete, this will enable trustless privacy, a new paradigm for cloud computing in which privacy is protected automatically through smart contracts with strong security guarantees.

Scalability: Oasis is built on an entirely new technical architecture that allows even computationally complex applications—such as those that depend on machine learning––to run at scale.

Tools to make your life easy: Oasis provides a number of tools and SDKs to make it easy for you to build privacy-preserving applications. We aim to enable anyone to build applications on our platform—from weekend warriors, to startups, to Fortune 500 companies.

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